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Creative Innovations, Inc., provides treatment services for children with cognitive impairments and functional limitations. Members under the age of twenty one (21) may receive services that are considered medically necessary treatment services for which payment is made under the Maine Care program.

Treatment services are designed to retain or improve functional abilities which have been negatively impacted by the effects of cognitive or functional impairment and are focused on behavior modification and management, social development, and acquisition and retention of developmentally appropriate skills.┬áServices include problem solving activities in order to help the member develop and maintain skills and abilities necessary to manage his or her behavioral health treatment needs, learning the social skills and behaviors necessary to live within and interact with other community members, and to build or maintain satisfactory relationships with peers or adults, learning the skills that will improve a member’s self awareness, environmental awareness, social appropriateness and support social integration, and learning awareness of and appropriate use of community services and resources.

Creative Innovation’s service area currently includes the tri-county area of
Maine including Androscoggin, Oxford and Franklin counties.

Our Philosophy

Children’s rehabilitative and community support services are focused on assisting the child to increase their level of functioning and skill development and decreasing the challenging behaviors utilizing the families natural supports.

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